Our experienced, professional and highly motivated team have the expertise to plan and undertake a wide range of projects from inception to completion, using the most modern techniques, plant and equipment, which ensures we deliver demolition by design. 

We operate predominantly across London and the Southern Counties and the ongoing relationships we have developed with specific clients have also led us to undertake a significant number of major projects across the country. Our main focus is to ensure that we deliver an innovative high quality service which promotes the growth of our client base across numerous market sectors.


We Offer

  • Major Structural Demolition
  • Top down demolition
  • Façade retention
  • Residential and commercial strip out
  • Cut and Carve
  • High Reach Demolition

The Benefits

We have a long and proud history within the building industry here are just a few of the benefits  you will recieve when choosing Accurate Building Solutions.


Designed to be energy, water and resource efficient and built to withstand the effects of nature.

Project on time

Managed efficiently in which each timeline is examined and developed for the completion of a project.